CESAM Community has created a Systems Architecture skill-raising course for professionals, with 3 levels of maturity from "Associate" to "Expert". This aims to formalize a "universal" recognition mode of a person knowledge and experience in the field of Systems Architecture.


More information about certification?

Certification is a formal process whereby the community of experts and experts of an organization (here CESAM Community) certify that a person has the skills to justify a title (here Enterprise Architect or System Architect). Obtaining a certified qualification entitles the holder to certify the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary for the practice of a trade or activity corresponding to a professional field.

It focuses on the function it allows to occupy, here “System Architect” or ” Entreprise Architect”. There are five levels of certification, ranging from Level 5 (lower level) to Level 1 (highest level) in France and from Level 1 to Level 8 (with Level 8 being the highest) in Europe.

CESAM Community offers 2 types of certification:

  • The Peers’ certification: the 3 levels of CESAM (Associate, Confirmed, Expert)
  • The Certification by the French State and the EQF: at the same time as obtaining the CESAM Confirmed level, you receive the title RNCP “Enterprise Architect” or “System Architect”, recognized by the French State at the level 1 (Master / Bac +5) and by the European Qualification Framework (EQF) at the at the level 7. 

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