Why to be certified?


Your need?

As an engineer, project manager or architect?

  • Have your skills and expertise recognized by your company and the market, in France and in Europe
  • Boost your career, facilitate your hiring with the many large groups that already practice the CESAM method
  • Be part of a community with high added value to share good practices, meet peers, exchange and network (via CESAM Community)
  • At a higher level of maturity (Expert), being an actor in the implementation of new sectoral practices

As a director or manager?

  • Qualified and rapidly operational resources
  • Qualified and rapidly operational subcontractors
  • Achieve a better design and development of your complex projects


Benefits of CESAM Certification?

For you: engineer, project manager or architect:

  • A state certification and a public competence framework registered in the French National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF)
  • A framework used by the major professional actors to promote employability
  • A multi-level course adapted to all maturities
  • A community with high added value that promotes the sharing of good practices and highlights its certified (to be certified CESAM allows to have reduction to participate in the events of the community)

For you: director or manager :

  • The setting up of the CESAM course allows to animate the rise in competence and to motivate your collaborators;
  • Having the right resources to develop and make complex systems evolve in order to provide cost effective and efficient solutions to the needs and constraints of its stakeholders;
  • Proving to clients / subcontractors the ability of your employees to implement a rigorous and comprehensive system architecture method.


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