Throughout the year, CESAM Community organizes several events of communication, dissemination and sharing of knowledge, know-how and good architectural practices. The latter bring together academics, managers, engineers, project managers and directors from all the major services, industry and governmental sectors.

The interest of our events is based on the academic and professional mix of the participants and their content combining theoretical or methodological contribution as well as real professional applications. These high-end moments of exchange, organized by CESAM Community, reserve you conviviality and good spirit in the presence of big names and high-level experts. After all, why not make Architecture an opportunity to find itself in a pleasant setting?


International Conferences on Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M)

The international conferences "Complex Systems Design & Management" (CSD&M) Paris and Asia annually review the major societal and industrial challenges as well as the state of the scientific and methodological art of Architecture & Systems Engineering. Created in 2010 in Paris, CSD&M gathered more than 250 participants each year. In Asia, the first edition took place on 2014 with more than 350 attendees.

  • Format: world-class guest speakers, selected academic and industrial contributions, poster sessions, opening sessions and booths
  • Duration: between 2 and 3 days

Discover the next editions of CSD&M in Paris and Asia

  • Complex Systems Design & Management Paris – CSD&M Paris


Enterprise Architecture Day - EA Day

The events that today deal with enterprise architecture are centered on tools and methods, two essential dimensions to talk about the discipline, especially to practitioners. Enterprise architecture, however, remains unappreciated or poorly apprehended by managers and management as it represents a key success factor for increasing the competitiveness of organizations.

For this reason, CESAM Community teams up with Societe Generale and Groupe Renault (which both have been successfully deployed enterprise architecture initiatives for several years) to organize the Enterprise Architecture Day in Paris.

Enterprise Architecture Day (EA Day) has been organized for the first time in November 2018, hosted by Societe Generale and in November 2019, hosted by Groupe Renault.

  • Format: Plenaries attended by renowned guests and thematic sessions with experts to discuss key topics: agility, cloud, security, data, open sources, innovation servicization, ...
  • Participants: about 180 participants, managers and directors of large groups
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Learn more about EA Day 2019 (French language)


Thematic Evenings

Twice a year, in Paris (France) feel free to participate to our networking evenings. They cover either managerial or technical aspects of the architectural approach.

  • Event: A conference followed in presence of 1 or 2 experts followed by an opening discussion with questions and answers
  • Duration: 7 to 9 PM – a cocktail party follows until 10 PM.
  • Location: in the very heart of Paris
  • Next events: click here (French language)


The "Competitiveness & Complexity" Club

The Club "Competitiveness & Complexity" was created at the end of 2015 following the national survey X, HEC, CESAMES "Mastering complexity to develop its competitiveness". The results were presented to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in September 2015. It emerged from the interviews that complexity management issues are crucial for most managers. To this end, the CESAM community has decided to create the Club Dirigeants, whose aim is to bring together, at least three times a year, in a restricted circle and only by personal invitation, senior executives to exchange, in the presence of a guest (Professional, philosopher, academic, scientist ...), on a theme related to complexity and its management in companies.


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