The Community


CESAM Community has been developed by the CESAMES Association since 2010 to organize the sharing of good practices in Enterprise Architecture and System Architecture and to attest to their capacity to be implemented through the CESAM certification worldwide.

Community works to:

  • Make architecture a key tool for business competitiveness by disseminating its use in companies and by communicating the results of its implementation through the visibility and actions of CESAM Community;
  • To propose and develop the best practices of systems architecture in the industry and the services: through the creation of publications and guides and the sharing of lessons of experience between architects, systems engineers and urban planners during the events of the community ;
  • To propose a generic architecture framework but also offer high-level systems architecture frameworks, specific to some industrial applications (the first will be aeronautics and automotive). This is to facilitate the work of system architects within these activities
  • Facilitate access to the CESAM method and develop its use in France and internationally.

Systems Architecture: a key-tool for the companies competitiveness

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