Systems Architecture: a strategic and competitive edge for organizations

CESAMES is the right support to master the complexity of design, transformation, and governance of your technical and organizational projects. CESAMES helps you implementing in your organization the methods and tools of Systems Architecture.

"Together, let’s Architecture a complex world."


Know more about Systems Architecture?


Systems Architecture is an international methodology standard of engineering based on systemic analysis. It aims at implementing solutions taking into account the technical and human complexity induced by the integration of high number of interconnected components.


Based on a systemic paradigm, the architectural approach deploys rational methods and collaborative dynamics to manage optimal and shared decision making in complex environments.


Systems architecture is highly valuable in complex systems design projects. It secures their costs, improves their quality and efficiency, reduces their “time to market” and increases their performance. Systems architecture represents an undeniable benefit for industries using it.

For whom?

All industries or institutions dealing with complex systems such as aerospace, aeronautics, defense, electronic, energy, environment, healthcare, transportation and banking, insurance and telecoms.

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