Systems Architecture

Systems Architecture? A strategic competitive advantage for businesses

Systems Architecture is a systems analysis approach and an international engineering methodology standard that allows to build solutions by understanding the technical and human complexity induced by the integration of more and more interconnected components.

Thanks to its systemic foundations, the architectural approach makes it possible to manage reasoned, optimal and shared decisions in highly complex contexts. It makes possible to secure and reduce the costs of complex systems design projects, to improve their quality, their efficiency, their time to market and their performance.

Implementing an Architecture approach is therefore a strategic advantage for companies that use it, whether in the Industry (aeronautics, aerospace, defense and security, transport, energy, health, etc.), Services (banking, insurance, telecom, etc.) or the Public sector.


System architects and enterprise architects support companies to carry out the transformation of their organizations, their information systems or to ensure the development of complex products.


  • UNDERSTAND: modeling problems by integrating all their dimensions,
  • ANALYZE: finding simple solutions to complex problems,
  • SHARE: building consensus within project teams,
  • DECIDE: allowing reasoned decision-making in a complex environment,
  • TRANSFORM: designing and implementing complex transformations,
  • SUCCEED: securing the implementation of complex projects.

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