Towards a Cross-Domain Modeling Approach in System-of-Systems Architectures

CSD&M 2019

Modeling a System is a challenging task, especially if more than one domain has to be considered. The scenario of Cross-Domain Modeling arises more and more in the future concerning Smart Cities, as the Electric Vehicle (EV) needs to be integrated into the Smart Grid (SG) and accordingly the Grid faces an emerging behaviour, regarding the energy-management. State of the art Frameworks like Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM), Automotive Reference Architecture Model (ARAM), or Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) consider all these aspects and are used to model such systems, but the combination of these domains is still an issue.

The Software Platform Embedded Systems (SPES) Framework provides a base for the modeling of systems belonging to certain domains and with proven modeling-theories a new approach towards the modeling of System of Systems (SoS)-Architectures is needed.
Therefore, this paper concerns the problems of modeling SoS-Architectures and investigates the possibility to combine domains and to map them to the SPES-Framework.

Speaker: Christoph Binder & Boris Brankovic, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

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