CESAM for Capella

Guide for implementing CESAM in Capella

To adopt Systems Engineering practices at scale, large organisations have to tackle two objectives:

  • Integrate Systems Engineering practices in their engineering processes and organisation,
  • Implement these processes with an MBSE tool.

Different architectural frameworks exist, with different views, featuring different objects organized with different relationships. Architecture frameworks can potentially be implemented in MBSE tools after coding their objects, views and relationships. Some of them are tool-dependent, which means they are bundled with the MBSE tool. Some of them are tool-agnostic, which is the cas of the CESAM framework (they are independent of the tool used).

The Arcadia framework is integrated into the Capella tool.

The objective of this guide is to understand how to implement the architectural views of CESAM systems in the Capella tool, through the understanding of the correspondence between the CESAM and Arcadia frameworks.

In this «Implementing CESAM through Arcadia » guide, we will go through the 3 following phases:

  • Compare the CESAM and Arcadia Systems Architecture frameworks,
  • Understand how to implement each CESAM view in Capella,
  • Illustrate this implementation with a case study.

Arcadia framework overview

CESAM framework overview

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July 2021 edition

This pocket guide addresses the fundamentals of the CESAM framework with the presentation of the three systems architectural visions – operational, functional and constructive – which can be used to specify any system.