CESAM Community membership


An annual subscription providing access to content, replays and events related to systems engineering and architecture.

.Membership gives you access to exclusive content such as white papers, presentations, articles and hours of replays. Currently, there are more than 150 articles dealing with system architecture, modelling tools, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0…

.CESAM Community organises meetings and events throughout the year to share experiences, best practices and exchanges between engineers and system architects. Being a member allows you to benefit from discounted tickets.

.Being a member of CESAM Community can open the door to new opportunities, such as research collaborations. The group has projects in which members can participate, such as event planning committees or the ‘Cercle CESAM’.

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Offer reserved for user companies only.


List of available replays: 

IEA Day 2022
SA Day 2021
CSD&M 2020
CSD&M 2019
CSD&M 2018
CSD&M 2017

Membership valid for 1 year.