CESAM Associate Certification


CESAM Associate certification is the first step of the CESAM certification process!

Prerequisites for this level :
Have read and understood the CESAM Pocket Guide and/or have completed an introductory course on systems architecture and the CESAM architecture method

Once you have paid, you will be contacted by our team who will give you access to pass the online exam. The evaluation takes the form of a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) with a maximum duration of 1h30.


The MCQ consists of 40 random questions on the basic terminology, principles and activities of systems architecture.
Make less than 10 mistakes on the test to obtain CESAM Associate certification.

Preparing for the exam :

  • I (re)discover the CESAM method using the Pocket Guide.
  • I attend an introductory training on systems architecture with CESAMES.

Any questions? Contact us !