Challenges in the automotive sector for the next decade

CSD&M 2020
The automotive sector will be transformed in the next decade as much as it has changed during the last thirty years. Indeed, the concomitant deployment of electric, connected and automonous technologies opens the floor for new vehicles and new types of mobility. Both faces of the automotive industry are impacted: on the one side, emerging technologies are pushed inside the vehicle and on the other side, new usages based on new society aspirations are pulling new needs of mobility (shared, usage-based, …). System thinking is mandatory to understand how the automotive eco system should transform itself to manage its business interaction with other eco systems (digital eco system, energetic eco system, mobility eco system). Based on the building blocks of the FISITA roadmap and her past experience as Expert Fellow for Renault Group, Nadine Leclair will share her vision of the challenges to come in the automotive sector...
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