Software and AI-enabled networks: critical systems of the 21st century?

CSD&M 2020
Nicolas Demassieux - Senior VP Orange Labs Research Telecommunication Networks have revolutionized all aspects of our everyday life. As highlighted in recent times (COVID-19), digital is no longer an option, but a necessity. The availability of high performance, energy efficient, ubiquitous and affordable networks is a necessary precondition for enabling communication among citizens, open access to information, remote work, access to education, health care and public services. Their strategic role is obviously becoming more and more crucial when considering essential services such as energy, water, gas, transport, health, public safety, etc. As a result of the digital transformation, citizens and the digital economy across all industry sectors, will continue to develop a critical dependency upon telecommunication networks. As a result, the resilience of our networks is becoming crucial. Resilience goes far beyond the robustness of components (hardware and software)...
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