CSD&M Paris 2020

December 16th - 17th
11th Edition
Online Edition

Mastering complex engineered systems is a fundamental strategic challenge. Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M) conference is a widely open meeting event dedicated to academic researchers, industrial and governmental actors who are interested in complex industrial systems engineering. The event is not limited to the existing specialists of the subject!

The 2-day conference allows since 2010 to discover and share about theories, methods and tools that have been developed to allow to manage the increasing complexity of the technical systems you must design and implement.

Thanks to its past 10 editions, CSD&M has become the conference of reference in the field of complex industrial systems architecture & engineering.



Replays of the event are available for CESAM Comunity members. More information : CESAM Community membership.

Plenary session

  • César A. Hidalgo, ANITI Chair University of Toulouse, Manchester, & Harvard – Founder & CEO DATAWHEEL
  • Richard Schomberg, Vice-President Standardization, EDF Group & EDF Corporate Fellow, IEC Ambassador 🔎”Energy system evolution challenges” 🔍
  • Jose Matias Fuentes Mattioli, Digital Vehicle Manager, Jaguar Land Rover 🔎 “Road to Digital” 🔍
  • Thierry Lecomte, CLEARSY Founder & R&D Director, FM Evangelist 🔎 “Formal Methods for Safe Autonomous Driving” 🔍
  • Nicolas Demassieux, Senior VP, Orange Labs Research 🔎 “Software and AI-enabled networks: critical systems of the 21st century?” 🔍
  • Tony Komar, Siemens PLM MBSE Evangelist 🔎 “Managing the Complexity of Innovation – Medical Device Example” 🔍
  • Dinesh Verma, Professor, Executive Director, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) 🔎”A Review of Model-Based and Digital Engineering Research in front of the COVID-19 Challenge” 🔍

– Contributed Talks
Parallel session 1 : Requirements Management

  • Davy Masson, SAFRAN 🔎 “Automatic Traceability with Semantic Technologies” 🔍
  • Bugra Alkan, T-B PHASE 🔎 “A Design Process Framework to Deal with Non- functional Requirements in Conceptual System Designs” 🔍
  • Emir ROUMILI, Assystem 🔎 “Requirements Engineering enabled by Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Safety Demonstration” 🔍
  • Pierre-Alain Yvars, Dassault Aviation 🔎 “Models of requirements for avionics architecture synthesis: safety, capacity and security” 🔍

Parallel session 2 : Industry 4.0 – Simulation

  • Wael Hafez, Semarx Research 🔎”Human Digital Twin—Human Integration in Industry 4.0″ 🔍
  • Rebecca Castagnoli, CentraleSupélec 🔎 “Managing Complexity in Industry 4.0 Based Systems: A Qualitative Analysis” 🔍
  • Pascal Paper, Airbus, 🔎 “System Engineering driven Modelling & Simulation method; a paradigm shift in digital system development” 🔍
  • Jean-Marie Gauthier, SAMARES ENGINEERING 🔎 “Applying Model Identity Card for ADAS V&V” 🔍

– Industry Talks

  • Etienne Juliot, CEO, OBEO 🔎 “Mind the Gap: ALM & MBSE” 🔍
  • Hakim Qalam, Sr Director EMEA, Sales & Business Development, Kovair Software 🔎 “Managing Interoperability in System Engineering – A Tool Perspective” 🔍

Plenary session

  • Nadine Leclair, President FISITA 🔎 “Challenges in the automotive sector for the next decade” 🔍
  • Jean-Luc Voirin, Systems Engineering Technical Director, THALES 🔎 “Dream the future: Systems engineering in 2030” 🔍
  • Philippe Fiani, R&D Manager, SHERPA ENGINEERING 🔎 “A contribution to the reconciliation of MBSE methods” 🔍
  • Enrique Garcia, Chief Technology Officer, National Composites Centre UK (NCC) 🔎 “Digitalisation of Manufacturing” 🔍
  • François Terrier, Director of Research, CEA – VP, Artificial Intelligence program 🔎 “Insights on trusted and safe AI” 🔍
  • Martin Neff, Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur,  Dassault Systèmes & Felix Wunner, Digital Business Integration Manager, Accenture 🔎 “From zero to hero in MBSE in 10 weeks” 🔍
  • Henrik Balslev, CEO and ESEP, Systems Engineering A/S & Thomas Barré, Solution Architect, Airbus SAS 🔎 “It’s all about creating a common language” 🔍

– Contributed Talks
Parallel session 1 : Architecting & Modeling

  • David Elam, System Architect, Rolls-Royce 🔎 “Architecting for Non-functional Concerns: Industry Examples and Common Patterns” 🔍
  • Emmanuel Gaudin, PragmaDev 🔎 “Identifying unreachable paths in BPMN models” 🔍
  • Bedir Tekinerdogan, Wageningen University 🔎 “Feature-Driven Survey of Physical Protection Systems” 🔍

Parallel session 2 : Collaborative Systems Engineering

  • Pierre-Eric Dereux, Airbus 🔎 “Beyond silos: outcomes of a global architecting experimentation in aerospace” 🔍
  • Anouk Dubois, IRT SystemX 🔎 “Tool-based process for collaborative review of heterogeneous models” 🔍
  • Boris Brankovic, Fachhochschule Salzburg 🔎 “Towards a generic Process-Model definition in Cross-Domain architectures” 🔍

– Industry Talks

  • Abdelnacer Ait El Bacha, Consulting Manager – MEGA Partner, ZANA Consulting
  • Yang Li, Field Application Engineer, Pure-Systems 🔎 “Modern Product Line Engineering” 🔍
CESAM Community regularly organizes eventsOur events

The CSD&M Conference is chaired by one keynote Chairman and is also based on the involvment of many Committee Members that you can discover more precisely below.

  • The Organizing Committee is in charge of defining the agenda/program of the conference, identifying Keynote Speakers and has to ensure the functioning of the event (sponsoring, communication…).
  • The Program Committee consists of about 20 members (mixed of experts from academic and industrial institutions) of high international visibility. Their expertise spectrum covers all the conference topics. This committee is in charge of assessing submitted papers and of selecting the ones that will be presented during the contributed talks session or during the poster workshop.

General Chair
Prof. Daniel KROB, CESAMES, France

MANGEANT, Renault, France


Academic Members:

Antoine Rauzy
, NTNU, Norway


Industrial Members:

Alain Dauron, Renault, France


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