Systems architecture

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Key takeaways of systems architecture

Complex projects are characterized by the multiplicity of components, technologies, and stakeholders and above all by the number of interfaces to be controlled. Complex projects duration combined with the acceleration of processes and services evolutions mean that most of the phases studies will be initiated while many of the structuring parameters are not yet defined… which can lead to many pitfalls.

Systems Architecture Motivations : Systems architecture provides valuable guidance to guarantee efficient and sustainable development while de-risking the projects. The objective is to anticipate design risks during the early phases of the project to minimize systemic problems and thus save time and cost.

Discover in the key takeaways the 13 fundamentals of system architecture:

  1. Systems Architecture Motivations
  2. Design process of the architecture of a system
  3. Stakeholder analysis
  4. Needs analysis
  5. Lifecycle analysis
  6. Use cases & Operational scenarios analyses
  7. Functional analysis
  8. Functional mode analysis
  9. Functional requirement analysis
  10. Constructional analysis
  11. Constructional requirement analysis
  12. Trade-off analysis
  13. Validation and verification
Key takeaways of systems architecture

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