Method and tools


a framework for architecture
and modelling systems

It has been developed since 2010 by CESAMES, in close interaction with major industrial operators.

This framework, intended for system architects, engineers and designers, aims to help them better master the complex integrated systems on which they work on every day.

CESAM has 4 specific features that make it a unique architecture framework and tool for companies:

  • CESAM has a mathematical foundation that allows a shared and rigorous understanding of all the architectural concepts it presents => a real and effective understanding between the different stakeholders involved in the design of a system.
  • On this basis, the architectural vision proposed by CESAM represents the “just necessary” to model any integrated system => this specificity guarantees the completeness of a system model elaborated according to the CESAM method while ensuring that no unnecessary modelling work is performed.
  • CESAM is easy to make operational by system architects but also by system modeller => CESAM has already proven itself on many types of systems within various sectors of activity (aeronautics, automotive, defence and security, energy, transport…).
  • The CESAM architecture framework, thanks to its right level of abstraction, can be implemented and used with all system modelling frameworks and software tools on the market.

Finally, the objective of CESAM is to propose a generic architecture framework but also, in fine and progressively, to offer high-level system architecture frameworks, specific to industrial application domains (the first ones will be aeronautics and automotive). This is to facilitate the work of system architects within these activities. This is to facilitate the work of system architects within these activities.

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July 2021 edition

This pocket guide addresses the fundamentals of the CESAM framework with the presentation of the three systems architectural visions – operational, functional and constructive – which can be used to specify any system.