Introduction to Systems Architecture complete digital training


100% digital awareness training
System architecture: the fundamentals

The objective of this training is to give you the keys and the methodology to design better products by reducing design times and costs.

Duration: The training lasts 4 hours or 12 e-learning modules of 30 minutes each.

Prerequisites: Have at least 3 years of experience in the field of design and management of complex industrial systems.


12 e-learning modules : 

1.1 Systems architecture motivation
1.2 Systems architecture framework
1.3 Stakeholder analysis
1.4. Needs architecture
2.1. Lifecycle analysis
2.2. Use case and operational scenario analysis
2.3. Functions & functional interactions analysis
2.4. Functional Modes analysis and Functional Requirements Architecture
3.1. Components & constructional interaction analysis
3.2. Constructional Requirements Architecture
3.3. Cross-analyses and trade-off analysis
3.4 .Verification & Validation activities